Local Bowen family the Reinke’s will be heading off to Townsville in August to give the locals a run for their money in the McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival.

Dad Michael Reinke, 54, and kids Bradley, 15, Gregory, 14, and Isabelle, 12, will be traveling to Townsville in August to once again compete in the annual McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival. The active family have run in the event for the past few years.

“We’ve done it for a couple of years now. I think I’ve been going for maybe the past 4 years now,” said dad Michael. “I’m doing the half marathon and the kids will run in the 5k.”

“The kids have done it before too, they’ve come the last few years – so we’re almost getting to be regulars up there!”

The family keep active throughout the year and have been training for the Running Festival weekend.

“We’re a bit of a running family, we do the Park Runs every weekend,” he said. “And we’ve just been in the Gold Coast to compete in the Gold Coast Marathon. I did the half marathon and the kids did the 10k.”

All four Reinke’s were happy with their performances at the Gold Coast, though dad admits the kids are giving him a run for his money.

“As you get older your times only get slower I think! But the kids are always improving.”

Not only will the Reinke’s be running in the Festival but are also looking forward to using the weekend as a mini getaway.

“We’ll probably just go up for the weekend, visit some family up there and just have some fun while we run,” he says. “The Running Festival always has a really nice atmosphere and it’s just a really great event.”

“I think it’s definitely the friendly atmosphere and the way it’s run, it’s great.”

The 2017 McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival will be held on Sunday, 6 August. For more information, and to register, go to www.townsvillerunningfestival.com