Marathoners from the start

Townsville Road Runners was named the Townsville Marathon Club from its’ origin in 1972 until it was renamed in the early 1980’s.

Consequently, the first Townsville Marathon was conducted on 23rd September 1973 with 10 starters and 5 finishers. The inaugural race was won by Paul Circosta in 3:06:07.

The Townsville Marathon has been conducted annually since that date. Currently, the Mike Carney Toyota Townsville Marathon is the second oldest marathon in Australia.

A full list of marathon participants and placing details will be available in the new year.


The 10 year Club

This club was formed in 2012 to recognise runners who have completed 10 Townsville Marathons since 1973.

Club members are ambassadors for the Mike Carney Toyota Townsville Marathon and are recognised with a polo shirt, a certificate (listing their placings and times) as well as their own individual race number for any future Townsville Marathon races. This special number range began with Tony Felesina – 42001.

View a full list of the 10 year club members.


10yr club members receive a 10% discount for races!


42001Tony Felesina
42002David Cannings
42003Rodney Rutherford
42004Geoff Stanton
42005Paul Crouch-Chivers
42006Steven Titmus
42007Bernie Norris
42008Wayne Crase
42009Matthew Boschen
42010John Nuttall
42011Rodney Northfield


The McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival is offering a special 10% entry discount to any runner entering the Mike Carney Toyota Townsville Marathon who is a recognised 10 yr Marathon Club member. Simply email info@townsvillerunningfestival.com with the name of the club we can verify for your special code. This discount will not apply without verification.