About The Event


Welcome to the 2019 McDonalds Townsville Running Festival. If you are local then I sincerely hope you enjoy the show, get involved, spread tropical hospitality and bring the atmosphere to our locally owned event. If you are visiting the region and have chosen to lace up and do battle with one of our measured courses, you’ll be considered local. In the long run. Don’t be surprised if you outdo your expectations… we celebrate a favourable climate for this time of year and this type of running.

The red carpet (is it a carpet or a runner?) has been rolled out for all of you in the form of our coastline and the iconic blue line, I’ll have my people do their best to keep the hordes of screaming fans and flashing paparazzi to the sidelines of the course while you go toe-to-toe with greatness. So I put it to all of you: achieve your goals, support people having a crack at theirs, high five a stranger and tell the world it all went down at the McDonalds Townsville Running Festival.

Tony Gordon

President, Townsville Road Runners.


Jezzine Barracks


Sunday August 4th 2019

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Whether you're a local or a visitor, this is the perfect opportunity to explore this gorgeous city.

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Visit the newly redeveloped Jezzine Barracks

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The Races

The hardest part is deciding which race you want to challenge!